Abundant Applications

The roots of the WISER systems lie in the transportation industry. TECAT has systems installed in several locations throughout the marine, automotive, and heavy duty markets, including:

  • Engines (large and small)
  • Transmissions
  • Drive shafts/Half shafts/Differentials
  • On-board dynamometer
  • Brakes/Wheel hubs
  • Propeller shafts
  • Jet engines/Turbines
  • Steering wheels
  • Cooling fans
  • Suspension loads/Trailer hitches
  • Flex plates
  • Pulleys
  • Crankshafts

“This is real. This technology could be very important for providing a tool which has the potential to optimize the performance of each cylinder in the engine.” – David Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research

Sample Driveshaft Application

Sample Halfshaft Application