Wireless Sensors for Smarter Energy Applications

Today’s energy companies need to reduce production costs with minimal investment and an immediate return. TECAT helps with WISER wireless sensor technology already proven in energy applications, boosting operational efficiency and cutting overhead expenses, while meeting calls for improved safety.

WISER application examples:

  • Down-hole drilling customers are using WISER wireless sensor technology to measure the force in the movement of the tightening arm of a hydraulic chain tong to reduce costs compared to typical torque-turn measurement systems
  • Understanding torque levels at the drill-bit-to-soil interface opens additional new possibilities for drilling companies, like the ability to conduct real-time measurement of weight-on-bit for improved control
  • WISER sensor technology is being used in a pigging solution for older pipelines. The pig utilizes a magnetometer sensor small enough to pass through pipes to identify valve locations, while WISER accelerometer data accurately identifies weld seams.
  • Geological fault lines produce oil and gas more efficiently than other strata. WISER gives you the possibility to determine the depth of those crevices and fault lines wirelessly, and then perforate your pipe at the optimized depths. Or document crevices by tracking torque signatures to help meet regulations on casing compliance.

TECAT’s WISER systems are the smallest, lightest, and most power-efficient solutions available for the measurement of torque, acceleration, pressure, temperature, distance, and magnetization.

Learn more about the WISER 4000 Wireless Sensor System.

Download torque turn application note

Download pigging application note