Wireless Sensors Optimize Industrial Processes

What if you could use go-anywhere wireless sensors to design, optimize, and enable predictive maintenance in your industrial process flow? With TECAT’s WISER wireless sensor system, you can detect changes in torque, vibration, temperature, and more, all wirelessly, to monitor each step of your process and minimize downtime.

The WISER wireless sensor system has already been proven to deliver real-time, detailed measurements in industrial process flows where traditional methods would have been impractical or impossible. Here are a few examples:

Pipeline inspection: The WISER system was successfully used in a test of over 2 miles of pipeline to identify valve and weld locations in stretches of pipe that were inaccessible to traditional instrumented internal inspection devices.

Motion control: With WISER wireless sensor system, designers can build in proactive signals that will change drive output torque prior to the actual load hitting the system, enabling motors to maintain a constant speed.

Down hole drilling and mining: The WISER system is being used in a mining application to eliminate the need to manually check torque data on bolts that help to support the mine roof or ceiling.

Wherever anything’s moving, turning, or rolling, TECAT’s WISER sensor can help enable more efficient use of energy and more effective predictive maintenance, as well as generating a constant flow of real-time information that you can use to optimize and improve every step of your industrial process.

“What if we could directly read the load and proactively respond before the engine speed changes?”