The Relentless NXT, a Reno Sport Class racing airplane on which the TECAT WISER 2030 was used to make in-flight torque measurements.
Real-Time Aircraft Live Torque Measurement
April 8, 2016
Detect. Balance. Tune.
August 18, 2016
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Tight automotive spaces, real-world measurements

To understand the actual conditions a vehicle is going meet on the road, there’s no substitute for making real-world torque measurements out of the lab. But testing drivetrain components in tight under-the-hood spaces is one tough challenge. Until now you’ve probably had to rely on tried and true tools like slip rings. The problem is that they’re intrusive, and getting into hard-to-reach places like a flex plate or crankshaft means using a custom-made component.

This is why TECAT’s breaking new ground with its WISER wireless sensors. Their tiny size and long-life battery make it easy to collect critical data out in the real world, whether you use them to unobtrusively measure torque,

32636130 - car engine

vibration, or acceleration. Because it’s small, lightweight and wireless, you can mount the WISER transceiver just about anywhere. So whether you’re using the WISER system as a flex plate transducer or to measure vibration on a drive shaft, now you can get the real-world data you need to design a better vehicle, improve fuel efficiency, and much much more.

That’s a huge benefit, but the WISER vision doesn’t stop there. Our WISER technology is designed to be scalable beyond the vehicle test and development stages to become an integral part of production vehicles—the enabling technology that will provide automotive manufacturers with real world every day throughout the life of the vehicle. Think of what you could do with real-time, real-world data from sensors all along the drive line, drive shaft, U joint, and other critical areas. The benefits will go far beyond preventive maintenance to enable innovation at a faster, more confident pace than we can even imagine.TECAT half shaft case study




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