Necessity is the Mother of Invention
June 3, 2015
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Ron’s Blog

Ron Rath, CEO

We thought a blog page would help us tell the story of TECAT – a small company with some strong IP and a great team of application engineers. So from time to time I will try to chronicle our growth, challenges and successes.

At TECAT we think of ourselves as engineers first, business people second and sales and marketing people third – but our company’s growth is proving that all three disciplines must now combine to launch the WISER sensor as both a production product and a test and measurement tool.

In 2014 we tripled our 2013 sales levels as clients came to understand the differentiation of the WISER sensor. In automotive, energy, industrial and motorsports applications, our clients saw an affordable sensor that could provide fully processed data from measurement points that were never possible previously. We started this journey with a very good torque measurement device.  Today, we are providing data on torque, vibration, temperature and more in a manner that is allowing clients to change the way they think about vehicle health management and drive line control.

We’re excited about our expanding list of product applications.

In the automotive market, the WISER sensor is being used on half shafts, flex plates, and drive shafts providing levels of data never before realized.

In oil and gas, the markets are challenged by the recent drop in oil pricing, but the advantages of the WISER sensor remains of great interest. Developing a better understanding of soil conditions, fracture points and drill wear trends can be a game changer for companies that are challenged to get more and more cost efficient as the geopolitical landscape of oil pricing plays out.

The unfolding story of TECAT will be one of entrepreneurial spirit coupled with engineering excellence providing value for our customers.

We invite you to contact us to see if TECAT can work for you. Just send us a note off our White Board page and we will be in touch.

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