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Breakthrough for Aircraft Performance Monitoring

If you’re building or developing experimental aircraft, what would you give to be able to accurately monitor engine power output and combustion characteristics in actual flight conditions? TECAT has already demonstrated the ability to wirelessly measure torque and horsepower in real-world automotive settings, and now we’re turning our attention to general aviation.

In particular, TECAT’s wireless sensor solution is poised to become an extremely useful tool for anyone involved in building, flying, or maintaining combustion engine powered experimental or homebuilt aircraft.

The gas and diesel powered engines typically used in experimental aircraft may be quite robust, but there aren’t a lot of cost effective tools out there to help you optimize them for the best possible performance or fuel efficiency or to detect problems before they become critical. TECAT is working to change that by allowing you to measure the actual horsepower, torque and vibration of an engine on the aircraft in actual flight conditions —not just in the mechanic’s shop or on a dynamometer. By giving you the ability to see the power characteristics of the cylinders as they’re firing, TECAT aims to provide you with a much richer set of information to get better performance from your engine or detect problems early.

We’ll be sharing information from a flight test in California in the next few weeks. To be among the first to read the results, please sign up here.

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