Welcome to the new age of measurement sensors.

TECAT Performance Systems makes the smallest, lightest, most power efficient wireless sensors available. These features enable the measurement of torque, acceleration and atmospheric data in places never before accessed. Our telemetry systems offer high accuracy data and long battery life, opening a new world of measurement possibilities.

“With safety a constant factor in our industry, we must constantly be looking to new technologies, which will provide real-time data on how the vehicle is performing. With TECAT, teams can start to paint a full picture on how an 8000hp monster is behaving, on track.” - Jim Oberhofer, General Manager Kalitta Motorsports

“The TECAT products will allow real-time data acquisition, which until now, was only possible using a testing lab and very expensive equipment.” - David Currier, Vice President, Strategic Engineering, Toyota Racing Development

“This is real. This technology could be very important for providing a tool which has the potential to optimize the performance of each cylinder in the engine.” – David Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research